11.  I have never played bingo before!  How do I play?

The object of bingo is to achieve a certain pattern on a bingo card by marking out numbers that are called by the host during the game. Most bingo cards have the letters "B," "I," "N," "G" and "O" running horizontally across the face of the card. A column of numbers is under each letter. The instructions are simple:

Click here for a sample sheet of the various patterns used

Bingo Flash Board

Bingo Flash Board

  • Purchase your bingo paper from the sales staff at the door and/or on the floor.

  • Pick up the session program from the front of the hall for the session games, prizes and patterns

  • Cover the "Free" space in the center of your card with a marker.

  • Listen as the Bingo Caller calls out a letter and number such as "B-3."

    • The balls called will appear on the screens and boards located throughout the hall.

  • Find the "B" column.

  • Look to see if you have a "3" in the column under the "B."

  • Place a mark over the "B-3" if you have it.

  • Listen as the Bingo Caller continues to call out letters and numbers.

  • Mark over the letter and number combinations that appear on your card.

  • Yell out "BINGO!" as soon as you cover the numbers in the winning pattern

  • A Bingo Staff member will come to you to verify your winning card. You will need to sign the back of your winning card or computer ticket for electronic daubers.

  • After the winning card has been verified, a Bingo Staff member will pay your prize.

  • For prizes of $500 or more, you will need to show your valid id and sign a receipt.